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Господар на съкровището
Господар на съкровището
Брой мнения : 1623
Дата на присъединяване : 30.12.2011
Години : 53
Местожителство : София

Golden Garden (2019) Empty Golden Garden (2019)

on Съб 11 Яну - 23:41
Golden Garden (2019) 1578306740_3003037

Golden Garden
## Режисьор : Lee Dae-Young

## В ролите : Han Ji-hye ,Lee Sang-woo Oh Ji-eun Lee Tae-sung ,Cha Hwa-yeon ,Kim Yu-seok Jo Mi-ryung, Kim Young-ok Jeong Si-ah, Moon Ji-yoon Yeon Je-hyung, Jung Young-ju

## Държава : Южна Корея

## Година : 2019

## Времетраене : 60 х 26 мин.

## Резюме : Eun Dong-Joo (Han Ji-Hye) attempts to get back her stolen life. When she was 6 years-old, she was abandoned at an orphanage. She did not remember anything except her name. Despite her difficult environment, she has grown into a woman with a positive and bright personality.
Cha Pil-Seung (Lee Sang-Woo) is a detective, who is good at his job. His parents died when he was young and he was then raised by his wealthy grandmother. Even though he is popular with women, he doesn't fall in love with anyone due to trauma from his parents' deaths.

## Субтитри : Английски

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